Your Computer

The most prominent item on your desktop is your computer monitor and it’s associated laptop, keyboard and mouse.

In an ideal world your monitor should be external from your laptop and at least 24″ diagonal measurement. It should be LED back-lit.   The monitor should be at least 12″ off the desk to avoid neck pains. Your head should be level with the center of the screen.

Monitor Riser

riserThe best way to elevate your display is with either a monitor riser or a printer stand. Here is a chance to enhance your cubicle decor by choosing a furniture quality wood riser. You can also choose a mesh motif. Make sure the riser has a drawer.

Feng Shui: A monitor and riser count as one item.


Laptop Cooler

41HYPUsARGL._SL160_Laptop computers need an external keyboard and mouse. The computer itself does not need to be in front of you. It can be alongside of your monitor riser or sometimes under it. It does require a cooler stand to be happy in it’s operation.


Note: Have your IT department clean your fans and change your filters once a year. It will prevent hardware over-temp and crashes.

Skin Your Laptop

41F6NtDxlAL._SL160_A skin is an opportunity for decorating your computer and putting it in harmony with the rest of your cubicle decor. It can become a work of art with the application of a skin. I have had good luck with Gelaskins and they have original artwork for most any taste. There are other companies that can provide you with decals that will suit your tastes.

Keyboard and Mouse

41c4056TkyL._SL160_The mouse and keyboard have a chance to make a decorative statement. I like the bamboo keyboard and mouse set. In reality I have a back-lit keyboard and a Razer mouse that glows in different colors(Not to be confused with,”The Mouse That Roared”.)


Wireless keyboards and mice are fine, but I have found better action with a wired keyboard (Mine has cherry switches and tactile feedback.) I like the feel and sound of a click when I am typing and an indication that I have pressed the key down all the way.

Imaginative Mouse

41FnC6sQGOL._SL160_Logitech mice can be decorated with “skins,” Microsoft has an “Artist Series,” and the Smithsonian Institution sells a mouse made of clear acrylic that has an embedded spider.(remember Jurassic Park?). It also glows.


You can pair this with a spider paperweight to be thematic.21ajnBrZDnL._SL160_

The Mouse Domain

415pHcX-hJL._SL160_If you really want an elegant accent, consider the mouse rug. It defines the mouse’s area and the decor is right out of an affluent mansion. Modern mice don’t need mouse pads, but this is a wonderful mousing companion.

Try to get a rug that comes with matching coasters which will pair nicely with your mouse decor.

Feng Shui: A computer, cooler, monitor riser,keyboard, mouse rug and a mouse count as one item.

Screen Art

352432_1246003810_largeOne of the most noticeable canvases in your cubicle is your monitor screen. Why waste this space with an advertisement to the world that you are running windows. (Duh?) When you are away from your desk you usually close your work and a background image with icons greets passer-byes.

If you choose something interesting that is exclusively you they will stop and stare in awe at your choice of artwork. It is even better if it harmonizes with the rest of your decor. – Then they will ask where you got it.

It is very easy to select an artistic background from your windows library or better yet,  go to on outside source like  These are unique, free and can be downloaded to fit your screen resolution. They have thousands of images from all categories.

A Monitor Companion

51W3uz86bPL._SL160_After all the modifications to your computer gear, consider putting a live or silk plant behind your monitor. I prefer offset to the left, close to the cubicle wall, and up to 36″ tall.



Let’s move to the rest of your desktop