Your Desktop

Your desk working area is the first thing visitors notice when they enter your cubicle. This is because there is usually nothing on your wall or floor to draw their interest. The biggest attraction is your computer display. I assume you have a laptop with an external monitor and it is glowing and might have a hypnotic screen saver.  This is not noticed on walk-byes unless there is something unusual to see.

Clutter attracts negative attention. Artfulness, cleverness, and taste will elevate you in your cubisphere (your co-workers living and working in adjacent office cubicles.)

The desktop then, is the stage with actors, costumes and props.

Feng Shui – In office Feng Shui you are supposed to face the door and have earth, plants and water represented on your desk. To avoid clutter and your desk should be limited to nine objects on it. My answer:

“Keep your eye on the ball. Keep a stiff upper lip. Keep your nose to the grindstone, Keep only nine objects on your desktop. – Now try to work in a cubicle under those conditions!”

– Uncle John

Browse my catalog. I mean to stimulate your interests. If you see something you want keep it in mind at swap-meets or yard sales. If you want it now,  click the title or picture. Then click “BUY” and I have linked you to major merchants like IVG Stores, Bonsai Boy of New York or Amazon. To be truthful the merchants I support give me a small referral fee. (It helps pay my hosting fee)

The Catalog of Possibilities:

In shopping for accents remember, fewer is better. So, here are a few desk accents for your consideration:

Easy Stick Desk Covering

marble-desktop-mediumBecause everyone in your cube farm has the same color Formica on their desktop doesn’t mean you have to. Dream Cubicle has an easy and inexpensive solution to covering your workspace with wood or marble.

Simply cleaning off your desk and resurfacing it could be considered a cubicle makeover. Check out your design choices of CUBICLE DESKTOPS.

Desk Sets
41rGWQQl4EL._SL160_A quality desk set is both functional and decorative. It can be trimmed in leather or wood.  This is a classy framework for writing and storage.  When you put pencil or pen to paper, you can appreciate a cushion beneath your writing surface. It is almost a complete makeover in one fell swoop.

3051201081488323A functional way to organize all your projects and accent your cubicle in one fell swoop. These are particularly useful if auxiliary shelving and cabinets are not provided in your cubicle.


Risers and Stands
505300507610172You already have your computer on a riser, why not put the telephone on one as well. It will consolidate many objects in one place.



Charge your Cellphone

41LMSMb-4KL._SL160_This is the green and elegant solution to charging your cellphone. It keeps it handy and merges it into a cubicle accent.

This is an example of function following form.



A Breath of Fresh Air:

Natural Air Filtering

Air purifierThis ingenious air filtration unit has a living plant that filters  microscopic particles  from your cubicle environment and then blows fresh air across your desk.

It is rather expensive and the advantage is a low footprint.


There is a less expensive solution with Spider Plants and a decorative desk fan:

Air Cleaning Plants

61F62J4TeeL._SL160_Spider Plants look good on a cubicle desk and they filter out office pollutants such as cigarette smoke, cologne, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. It will thrive in artificial lighting . They do best with a little indirect sunlight.

In appreciation for being fed these annoying pollutants these plants will emit Oxygen.

Are you bothered by the electronic smell of the office. Fight Back.

Decorative Desk Fan

51fGpsYcbHL._SL160_Situate this fan so it blows across your air filtration plants and you have increased the quality of your environment. It feels better to work in a natural setting where the air is fresh and healthy.

Your fan should have decorative value. You could opt for a figurine fan!

Figurine Fans

P133797-T0-W150-H141-BGPR-DBF0252Why have an ugly modern square desk fan when you can be “cool” with a charming cubicle desktop fan accent?

There are some fun choices ahead when choosing a fan.

These fans can harmonize with the rest of your decor or become the start of a theme.

“Surf’s Up, Dewd!”

Air and Space Models
31rNuHWBIwL._SL160_Models of aircraft are fascinating and let is respect the marvels of our technical age. They are works of art with the dynamics of movement. They stimulate the imagination.

A hand carved wooden model speaks of craftsmanship and will blend into any wood decor. The choice of a unique aircraft, automobile or ship expresses appreciation for the technology and art.

Die-Cast Models
936500234442058Having a die-cast model on your desk is a miniature tribute to the design and artistry of autos, boats and airplanes.

They look great on your desktop.



Levitation Display (Magic)
41eteOYA3xL._SL160_ (1)If you have a favorite model, piece of  jewelry, memorabilia, collectible, or anything else that weighs under 13 ounces, you need a Levitron. This is pure magic.


Behind the magic a secret iron disk that you can set anything upon.

Floating a desk model above your desk creates a focal point of your decor. It is more than an accent, it is an attraction delighting all. It is pure magic.

“Elevate me!” – Young Frankenstein

Let There be Lighting Accents:

 Accent Lamps

1589501166814022You certainly do not need a table lamp in your cubicle. You have all the fluorescent lighting that you could ever use.  You have a bland and sterile wash of light that casts no shadows. The accent a decorative lamp provides a homelike atmosphere. They are also pretty and they glow.

(Consider this lamp harmonizing with a John Wayne Theme)

Glowing Decoration:

Accent Lamp Figures
1713901601263640Rather than have a traditional table lamp, consider a tasteful lighted figure lamp. The word is glowing decoration, not functional illumination.



LED Candles
1889001031074726A candlelit atmosphere reflects a special event or classy restaurant.

You can’t have a real candle because of the risk of fire or the scented wax irritating your neighbors. These LED candles are amazingly real without heat or odor.


Art Mini Windows


 These stained glass windows in miniature make a stunning and artistic display. They are absolutely stunning. It is hung from a brass frame and is illuminated by  a candelabra bulb. Place it next to a desktop plant and you create a cordial grouping.

A plant from your local nursery and a mini-window alone, added to a bare cubicle could be considered a makeover.

Clock Watching:

Desk Clocks

41K+eUsWAUL._SL160_You aren’t a clock watcher and you have a clock on your wrist and on your computer. occasionally you glance away from your screen and a these desk clock accents will give you time and appreciation of art and design.

Make sure your clock accent pairs nicely with your chosen cubicle theme.

Smiles, Inspiration and Awe in a Small Package:

511ALKXIYHL._SL160_Who could be sad and gloomy after glancing at this Eor porcelain statuette (Christopher Robin named his toy Eeyore but the old grey stuffed donkey spelled it Eor.) His job was to be pessimistic and remorseful so we wouldn’t have to be. Your visitors will focus on this figurine and say, “Awwwww.”

Characters from fiction, mythology, or the media are fair game for figurine choices.

Soft and Cute

31hnPwm-yWL._SL160_Bringing your pet from home is not allowed in the office. But, a soft and plush toy might be the solution to your need to pet something from time to time. This pet could be under your desk where a live pet would sleep, but then you would have to bend over to pet it. Put it in the corner.

Visitors will give these cuties a second look.

Coffee/Tea Mugs

Decorative Mugs

A coffee mug is larger by a factor of two than a cup. Mugs are less formal and do not require a saucer. Bone China is elegant and plastic is mundane. Paper is so McDonald’s!

I know you like to sip a cup of coffee or tea in your cubicle. As you savor the aroma and take a sip you realize the slight aftertaste of paper, plastic and glue.


Coffee/Tea Cups

Cup and Saucer

This is why in Europe (or California), they do not serve wine in paper or plastic cups.
Do not mar your cubicle decor with paper coffee cups. Enjoy your brewed drink in a proper cup.  Be civilized.

Make sure you complement your mug or cup with a decorative saucer or coaster.

Flowers and Plants

Let’s Work in the Garden Today

Real flowers and plants are a commitment. You must keep them watered, fed and trimmed. They will pay you back by providing a splash of color and will let you bring nature into your workspace. The air will actually be fresher. If your plants are happy, you will be happy.

A bed of brown dried out flowers are depressing and send your visitors a negative image. Picture an aquarium on your desk half full of stagnant water. There is algae on the sides and it has dead fauna on the bottom. The surface is covered with dead floating fish. This is a disgusting sign for your visitors and passers by.

Air Plants
411foqDYzWL._SL160_They are beautiful and mysterious as well. They get watered through the air in humid areas like the rain forests.They can be live or silk replicas. I recommend live as they will provide a natural setting. You will have to get a mister and plant food, but these plants are low maintenance.

Air Plants are a great office hobby.

silkMost of your desk plants will be purchased at your local nursery (The Walmart?). It is hard to buy them through the mail.

Ask for plants that will survive without  hardly any sunlight.

They must be indoor and tabletop size. Most vines like Ivy want to climb and will find it impossible to climb fabric walls.

21aTulMIHIL._AA160_A small trellis can be placed on your desk and anchored to the top of the wall railing. Or a trellis attachment can be stuck into your ivy pot.

You can also purchase a small fan trellis and rest it on your desk. Anchor it at the top of your cubicle railing about an inch away from the wall. As your climbing plant wants to spread, hang wires from the top and let them gently support the vines.


70900262937022 (1)Bonsai is different. The highest quality plants at the best price are better chosen over the Internet. They are available as live, preserved or artificial.

 Some offices, however, do not allow you to have live plants in your cubicle. So,… The solution a silk  flower or plant.


Artificial (Faux)

silk 1
I’m Not Thirsty!

Silk plants don’t require watering, fertilizers or insecticide. They require little maintenance and visitors will reach over to touch them to see if they are real. Good ones are expensive but will last forever. (Have a feather duster handy)

Real plants provide fresher air and a feeling that you are nurturing them. Silk plants don’t wilt.

My shopping categories provide both.


Flower Vases

122300494031289You are allowed to bring fresh flowers to work. They are a beautiful and refreshing. Make sure you change them often. There will always be a fragrant and natural flower smell in your cubicle.

I don’t think anyone will complain. If they do, buy silk flowers. They are hard to distinguish from the real thing. The secret is to put them in a harmonizing vase.

Stone and Water

51uqfMiyDzLThis is a good combination to bring nature inside your cubicle. You can bring them individually (e.g., a stone work and a desk fountain) or combine them in one piece.

The background sound of soft burbling will soothe your nerves and make work a happier experience.

In Feng Shui a desktop fountain fulfills the earth and water elements that need to be present in a cubicle.

Letter Openers

NBHP7855It is amazing that we still get papers and correspondence made from the pulp of dead trees that are glued together at the seams. (When was the last time you had to open your eMail with a knife?)

As long as there are letters, we might as well open them with style. You may keep your letter opener in your drawer or, if it is decorative, flaunt it on your desktop.

Magnifying Glass
3335500084471171As we get older it is harder to see detail on paper. As the price of paper goes up the print gets smaller and harder to see. I believe if there is fine print it is something the writer doesn’t want us to see. It is bad for me and good for the writer.

Fight back with a desktop magnifying glass. It can be a desk accent long after the demise of paper.

Piggy Banks

Piggy Bank HogWhere else would you store those lucky pennies you find.  (The ones that are “heads up” are extra powerful)This is not for saving money it is for tricking out your desk and having good luck while doing it.

The Harley Davidson porcelain figurine is not actually a “piggy” bank, but a “hawg” bank.

Staple Removers
51rdeHmMfOL._SL160_Staples are irritating. If you try to remove them without a specialized tool, they can draw blood. You can keep a cheap one in your drawer and sneak it out when you need it, or you can have an artwork on your desk that performs de-stapling well.

This goes well with a matching pen holder or an Art Deco theme.

Places Where Things Belong

Pen Holders

944000209597528You will never fumble for a pen again. With a pen holder the pen now has a home. A board with a hole in it will cause the pen to stand upright but who puts the pen back in the hole every time.

The Art Deco pen statue and the pen are at one with themselves. If the pen is put down anywhere except its display it will be unresolved. You will subconsciously make sure this display is complete after writing and put your pen back where it belongs.

Glasses Stand

Let me think about it
Hmm, let me think about it

How many times do you take your glasses off? When you take them off you usually lay them on your desktop. When you need them you have to glance at your desk to see where you put them.

A stand insures that your eyeglasses are always in the same place and provide a decorative accent. Find one that is both a stand and a display.

You will never need to search for your glasses again.


Glass Canon EOS

If someone opens a window papers blow all over the place. If your work is on your computer the work is safe. To prevent papers from shifting you have yet another opportunity to display a piece of art.

Paperweights create an artistic venue in a figure, globe or a tech-artpiece like this camera.


Snow and Water Globes

54501442724007Globes are usually associated with travel. They are conversation pieces and are wasted when used as a home decoration.


The cubicle desk is a perfect canvas to display these artistic pieces of glass, water and snow.

OK, Let’s decorate your cubicle wall