Your Walls

The Biggest Canvas of All

The biggest canvas you have is the walls of your cubicle. You need to proceed with caution as this large space is where most people ruin their curb appeal. Before decoration this was just a blank fabric covered wall of a neutral color.

You are now about to adorn your virgin countryside with art that complements the scenery, or you are about to erect a chain of strip malls, slaughter houses, ugly billboards surrounding a Walmart. This would create a turn-off and an eyesore to everyone. People would speed up as they pass your blighted cubicle.

The prime element of your cubicle decor so-far has been your workspace. The walls define your work environment. It would be wonderful to work outside or have an office with a scenic view. Before one item is attached to your wall or hung from the railing of your cubicle we need to discuss how to do this.

There are actually many canvases to your walls:

  • The main or facing wall should be used for a prize piece or a harmonious small collection of favored pieces. My first choice is a good gallery wrap or canvas wrap print but a scenic wall plaque or more can also be used.
  • The adjacent or smaller walls should be used for a faux window, a wall clock, a decorative calendar, wooden sign, wall plaque or family/travel photos.
  • Cabinet doors can be used for giclée (zee-klay) prints in acrylic frames.
  • Under cabinets should first be applied with cubicle wallpaper and then a few small wood plaques, signs or canvas wraps can be used to effect.

Let’s Proceed to Attaching Your Wall Art