Your Workspace

The Rational of your Workspace


Although most of your work is done on the computer, you still need deskspace. This is a place you can put something down for scrutiny, copy information from it or save it for later. This area is prime real estate for decorative accents, containers, lamps, displays, toys, models, fluffy things, fans and clocks.

Have you ever been in your boss’s office? He has nice furnishings. The chairs and tables look like they were handcrafted from the finest woods. Every piece of furniture complements the style of the other pieces. It is if the artistry of an interior decorator had a hand in all of this. It looks more like a parlor in an exclusive men’s club than a working office.

The walls are painted in a color that matches the expensive carpeting. Framed art and photographs of just the right size are tastefully hung at he most pleasing height.

His chair and executive desk complement each other in functionally and they are huge. And then,… You see it. In front of him there is a work area that is void of any papers. There is a phone, a framed picture of his family, a vase and fresh flower, a mahogany¬† inn-out bin, and a pen and pencil set. The desktop only has nine items on it. You wonder what this guy works at all day.

So the boss has a few basic necessities for signing papers (One of them is your paycheck) and a minimum of decorative accessories. When he or she wants a file the secretary brings it to him or her. When the paper or file is finished, the secretary takes it out of the office and files it. This explains the minimalist decor of  the desk.

You, on the other-hand can not get away with this. You are in a cubicle. You can’t sit facing the door. You can’t invite a visitor to sit in a fancy chair. If you took the executive approach to your desktop your boss would be asking what you work at all day.

An accent should not be so strong it shadows everything else. If you have too much artistic clutter your cubicle becomes an eyesore.

Let’s start work by cleaning your canvas